All Out® 15 ml

Mosquito & Fly Spray
Raid mosquito all out all night

All Out®15 ml

With just four pushes, provides up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitoes and houseflies throughout the night, allowing users to have a peaceful night’s sleep.


Mosquitos and Houseflies

  • Shake can well before use.

  • Direct the spray upwards and spray in four corners of a average size room. (30 m3)

  • All Out All Night provides protection from mosquitoes and houseflies for a period of 12hrs.

  • If product comes into contact with skin, remove affected clothing and wash skin for 15-20 minutes. If pain, irritation or redness exists, consult a skin specialist.

  • Transfluthrin (a.i.) 12.00 % w/w

  • Perfume 0.10 % w/w

  • Propellant LPG 60.00 % w/w

  • Solvent Hydrocarbon solvent Q.s %w/w

  • Use only as directed.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Avoid excessive inhalation of spray mist or direct contact with skin and eyes.

  • Do not store with, and do not spray on or over, food and beverages.

  • Container is pressurized, do not drop.

  • Do not open the can forcibly, puncture or incinerate can even when empty.

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or temperatures exceeding 50o c.

  • Do not spray into open fires or onto hot surfaces.

  • Do not store the aerosol can in an enclosed space, such as the gloves compartment of a car.

  • Dispose the empty container in safe way.

  • Dispose of packages or surplus material and washings in a safe manner to prevent environment or water pollution.

  • Do not leave used packages outside to prevent their re-use.

  • Break down and bury the packages away from habitation.