Family protection

Family protection

All Out® has a variety of products that help keep your family protected from mosquitoes.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Humans are naturally enticing to mosquitoes – our body heat, the lactic acid we emit when we perspire and even the carbon dioxide we exhale attracts mosquitoes.

For effective protection against mosquitoes, try All Out® Ultra Power+™ Fan. It’s Power+™ technology covers the entire room and kills Dengue and Malaria mosquitoes 30%faster.* See its directions for use.

*Knocks down 30% of dengue and malaria carrier mosquitoes faster in fan vs. normal mode when first turned on based on lab tests.

When All Out® products are unavailable, try some of our helpful tips below.


Appropriate Clothing Clothing can help reduce mosquito bites. When weather permits, wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors. Also consider wearing loose, light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors.


Standing Water Areas like rain gutters, old buckets or tires with stagnant water are all possible breeding sites


Drainage Systems Remove leaves and any debris that may have collected in your gutters and other drainage systems so water flows out freely.


Decorative Elements Change or flush out water from birdbaths, fountains, etc. at least once a week to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Open Cavities Recycle or store tires (or other items with open cavities) so they won’t collect rainwater.

Active sports Believe it or not, simply breathing can attract mosquitoes. They are drawn to carbon dioxide, which you release when you exhale. Additionally, people give off two mosquito attractants – body heat and lactic acid (a substance your body emits when you perspire). See our “Appropriate Clothing” tips above to help stay protected when you’re participating in sports or other outdoor activities that may make you breathe harder.