All Out® Low Smoke Coil

Low Smoke Coil
Raid mosquito All Out Low Smoke Coil

All Out® Low Smoke Coil

Low Smoke Coil

  • Protection with Low smoke

  • Overnight Protection

  • Sandalwood fragrance

Repels Mosquitoes


  • To bring quick and proper results, ignite the mosquito coil and place in the centre of the room.

  • The mosquito coil should be used in rooms where the windows are kept open for proper ventilation.

Prallethrin 0.05%

  • Keep away from children, food and food stuffs.

  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.

  • Avoid inhalation while using.

  • Keep the coil out of reach of children while using insecticide.

  • Destroy used container and bury them away from habitation.

  • The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent re-use.

  • Dispose of used container and surplus materials safely.